No 発行年 タイトル 筆頭著者 ジャーナル
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014 2002 Angiogenic Gene Therapy for Experimental Critical Limb Ischemia Acceleration of Limb Loss by Overexpression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor 165 but not of Fibroblast Growth Factor -2 Ichiro Masaki Circulation Reserch.2002,90;966-973
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017 2003 Sendai virus Vector-mediated Gene Transfer of Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Prevents Delayed Neuronal Death after Transient Global Ischemia in Gerbils Masayuki Shirakawa Exp.Anim52(2) 119-127, 2003
018 2003 A New Sendai Virus Vector Deficient in the Matrix Gene Does Not Form Virus Particles and Shows Extensive Cell-to-Cell Spreading Makoto Inoue JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY June 2003 6419-6429
019 2003 Nontransmissible Virus-Like Particle Formation by F-Deficient Sendai Virus Is Tempereture Sensitive and Reduced by Mutations in M and HN Proteins Makoto Inoue JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY Mar 2003 3238-3246
020 2003 Intramuscular gene transfer of FGF-2 attenuates endothelial dysfunction and inhibits intimal hyperplasia of vein grafts in poor-runoff limbs of rabbit Tetsuya Shoji Am J Physiol Heart CricPhysiol 285: H173-H182,2003
021 2003 Recombinant Sendai Virus Vectors for activated T lymphocytes S Okano Gene Therapy(2003)10,1381-1391
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025 2004 A defective nontransmissible recombinant Sendai virus mediates efficient gene transfer to airway epithelium in vivo S Ferrari Gene Therapy(2004)11,1659-1664
026 2004 A defective nontransmissible recombinant Sendai virus mediates efficient gene transfer to airway epithelium in vivo S Ferrari Gene Therapy(2004),1-6
027 2004 Posticchemic administration of Sendai virus vector carrying neurotrophic factor genes prevents delayed neuronal death in gerbils M Shirakawa Gene Therapy(2004)11 784-790
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